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RE: 0% data loss setup ?

From: Prem Khanna J <>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 11:46:24 +0900
Message-ID: <001901c404b7$8bee6800$dd00a8c0@prem>

Hi Joe, i'm pretty new to HA .
however i tested standby database and concluded that it will not suit my requirement ( may be i'm wrong ) .

to be more clear : my system will be small ( say less than 10GB for the first year ) . but certainly requires HA . may be as the HA cost goes up , the management may come down with the downtime : )

Hi Zhu ,

h/w remote mirror may save my redo logs . but what happens if LGWR dies or the whole system ( where primary DB resides ) goes down ? is my understanding right ? can RAC help me ?

Thanks and Regards,

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<Joseph Testa>
  sounds like a 42 node rac setup with nodes in different continents, of   course 42 copies of redologs and about 84 standby databases in max   protection mode.that might cover it, oh wait, the earth was hit by a meteor,
  damn is there a way to put a rac node on another planet? </Joseph Testa>

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<zhu chao>
  You can also try hardware remote-mirror product provided by   Array vendor.But in real sync mode, there is also many constraint and   performance hurts,and much higher cost.You can configure more than   1 standby, for example, to provent the standby single point of failure.
</Zhu Chao>

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>>From: "Prem Khanna J" <>
>>> Hi List,
>>> We will be soon having a system and it requires
>>> strictly 0% data loss in any case . Not even a
>>> single commited transaction should be lost.
>>> The setup will be 9iR2 on win2k .
>>> Standby database (max protection mode) may be a
>>> choice.But the primary DB tends to go down if it
>>> is not able to communicate with standby DB.this
>>> reduces the availability of my primary DB and so
>>> is not my option.And standby database in ( max
>>> availability mode) can have data loss and hence
>>> is ruled out.
>>> any HA suggestion ?!
>>> can someone let me know how it can be acheived ?

>>> Prem.

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