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Re: Oracle 911 Article

From: Mogens Nørgaard <>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 02:21:19 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Of course Oracle Support doesn't recommend Don or anybody else. Think it through. Worked there for 10 years, by the way, both in Denmark and in the US.

Mogens wrote:

> can someone provide a link to this article? I missed it. I get too many emails.... 
> about the part where oracle support recommends burleson. consider the insane rates Oracle charges for consulting services( i know guys who have billed 6 times their salaries) and the total cut throat nature of the management team, I doubt they would recommend any former employees. It means less business for them? 
> have any now former oracle employees been recommended by oracle? 

>>From: "Richard Foote" <>
>>Date: 2004/03/05 Fri AM 08:49:43 EST
>>To: <>
>>Subject: Re: Oracle 911 Article
>>Oracle 911 ArticleI'm not sure if it was a technical article or an attempt
>>at a resume !!
>>It certainly has it's amusing moments. Can you imagine the scene. A patient
>>lies critically ill on the surgery table when the doctor suddenly utters
>>"Shit, some bastard has just gone and deleted all the statistics from our
>>"Where To Find Bodily Parts (WTFBP)" database, we're doomed". "Oh No"
>>exclaims the nurse, "quick, someone fetch Don" !!
>>Strangely what he calls "Unconventional Methods" I call "Conventional and
>>Elementary Methods" in tuning trivial problems. Problem: missing indexes
>>Solution: create missing indexes, Problem: missing statistics Solution add
>>missing statistics, etc doesn't sound particularly "unconventional" to me
>>(although if the site is migrating to CBO, I would prefer to just go back to
>>the RBO as a safer emergency solution, if not migrating then what the hell
>>happened to all the stats bar one table)
>>His "Contrary to the pontifications of theoreticians and ivory-tower
>>academics, there are many silver bullets for Oracle performance tuning"
>>comments could possible by aimed at yours truly, for which I would be deeply
>>flattered for the complement. However as I work full-time as a DBA dealing
>>with real databases in real production environments solving real problems
>>(how I wish it was always as simple as Don's examples), I might
>>unfortunately be mistaken.
>>I think the preamble where Don yet again prattles on about "Silver Bullets"
>>is an attempt to save some face following criticisms he received after his
>>"Silver Bullet: optimizer_index_cost_adj" article. However, considering he's
>>subsequently re-written the whole thing and retitled it with the "Silver
>>Bullet" title removed, perhaps even Don might agree that such criticisms
>>were justified, else why all the changes ? Maybe the "ivory-tower academics"
>>had a point ... Of course there are silver bullets, here's a big list of
>>them is still his stubborn claim though. What he fails to realise is that
>>they're not silver bullets at all but specific solutions to specific
>>problems which maybe of benefit in specific situations. If for example the
>>optimizer_index_cost_adj parameter is a silver bullet, why not have used
>>this silver bullet in all the FTS problems ?
>>This is where I kinda agree with Jonathan. For a DB article, it actually has
>>it's good moments in that at least he attempts to narrow down and describe a
>>specific problem, he attempts to justify an appropriate solution and he
>>attempts to see the impact and the positive effects of applied solution. He
>>may have a dislike for those that practice a scientific approach to database
>>administration but at least he's making an attempt to follow some of the
>>basic steps.
>>Where the article falls down for me is the numerous errors that again
>>proliferate throughout. Time and again DB lets himself down with error after
>>error after error in an article. It just tarnishes the whole thing and dents
>>the credibility of the author. The errors also makes the claim that all the
>>stories are true somewhat questionable in that much of the "evidence" that
>>supports the "stories" is inconsistent or plain wrong (eg. using alter
>>system commands to change the optimizer parameters, interestingly now fixed,
>>the faked statspack reports as it's a little difficult to believe that two
>>separate databases had issues with identical schemas and table definitions
>>and even had an identical number of FTS for one of the tables, solving a
>>different problem to that listed in the top 5 wait events, the faked top 5
>>wait events as the wait times and % wait times are inconsistent in all the
>>top 5 wait reports listed, putting tables in the buffer pool that aren't
>>listed in the report, etc, etc). If the evidence is made up, what does that
>>say about the rest of the article ...
>>Finally, the Oracle Support comment. Does Oracle Support really recommend
>>Don and other external consultants when the customers gets confused with OS
>>instructions. Hopefully we'll find out as I posted a question on metalink
>>out of curiosity.
>>In summary, the article has it's moments and provides some useful pointers
>>when dealing with simplistic tuning problems. But the ever present errors
>>and the silly preamble and tone again tarnishes the whole thing.
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>>From: David Wagoner
>>To: ORACLE-L (E-mail)
>>Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 8:29 AM
>>Subject: Oracle 911 Article
>>You guys are going to enjoy this :-).
>>I just read a very interesting article that managed to insult some of my
>>favorite Oracle authors and the entire state of Alabama! Now I've heard Mr.
>>Burleson speak before, and I must admit that I thought he was a dynamic and
>>entertaining speaker. But do you really think that Oracle Support has ever
>>told anyone to call HIM to solve their performance problems (his article
>>makes this claim)? Does anyone else find the tone of this article
>>unbefitting of an Oracle professional with such extensive credentials? I
>>honestly can't believe that published this, especially
>>considering that Oracle is listed as one of their sponsors.
>>Best regards,
>>David B. Wagoner
>>Database Administrator
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