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Re: Unusual question

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 10:34:34 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I don¹t know the answer to your question, but it reminds of something that happened 14 years ago on a project running Oracle v6.0.x on DEC VAX/VMS...

While we were debugging some situation or another, my colleague, who was Turkish, turned to me and stated, ³You Americans are *so* materialistic!².

Surprised, I laughed and asked her where that comment had come from (I didn¹t disagree, but it was quite a non-sequitor). She waved at the VT100 amber-screen and pointed out all the dollar signs: the VMS command-prompt (i.e. ³$²), the names of the V$ views in Oracle, the names of the VMS system-call functions (i.e. ³SYS$² and "RMS$"), etc...

Guilty, I guess... :-)

...interestingly (and ironically, I think), she is now a senior director (possibly VP) with Oracle Support in Orlando FL. Fast learner. Certainly faster than me...

on 3/5/04 7:41 AM, Keith Moore at wrote:

> I teach Oracle certification classes at a local college and a student asked me
> a question that has me stumped. We were talking about the V$ views and he
> asked: How do DBA's in Germany query the views when they don't have a $ on
> their keyboards?
> Thanks.
> Keith Moore
> Oracle Certified Professional
> 972-431-5126
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