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RE: Oracle 911 Article

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 09:51:33 +0000
Message-Id: <>

> You guys are going to enjoy this :-).
> I just read a very interesting article that managed to insult
> some of my
> favorite Oracle authors and the entire state of Alabama!

Hmm we have a script with a number of ctas statements in it

Where 'pope'='catholic'
Where 'manager name'='in'
Where 'niall'='big and clever' etc

I read the alabama comment in the same light.

> Now
> I've heard Mr.
> Burleson speak before, and I must admit that I thought he was
> a dynamic and
> entertaining speaker. But do you really think that Oracle
> Support has ever
> told anyone to call HIM to solve their performance problems
> (his article
> makes this claim)?

I doubt that oracle support make specific partner recommendation in an iTAR though they might. On the other hand if you have purchased support from oracle because you have no-one experienced in house (though why you would then be running oracle is beyond me) I can imagine support saying something along the lines of , "well if you are uncomfortable with doing this you might hire either ourselves or a third party oracle specialist to do this work for you". The first consultancy site that is returned in a google search for "oracle expert" is

In general I didn't like the tone of the article, but I do have to agree with jonathan that the article focusses on business problems and implications for clients, I like that. That said I find this approach hard to square with "Unlike academic and scientific Oracle DBAs who demand proofs and reproducible results before making an Oracle change". We can't be the only Oracle house that has a change management process that involves reproducing problems on test and applying a fix to show that it works first can we? This is a business process and definitely not a result of the DBA insisting on proof before changes are applied. All good change management requires some evidence that the change will have the desired effect - doesn't it?

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