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Re: Perl Apache and Oracle 9.2

From: <>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 10:40:44 -0800
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disclaimer: I don't use 9iAS.

Unless you have 9iAS scripts that depend on the Perl that installs with 9iAS, it
is probably not too important.

I wouldn't delete it myself, but I probably would remove it from PATH.


Kevin Fries <>
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 02/27/2004 05:40 AM
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        Subject:        Perl Apache and Oracle 9.2

Hopefully this is a simple question (hah!):

I've installed Oracle on my NT craptop. The default installation of Oracle uses Apache and version 50003 (something like that) of perl. I'd already installed the latest ActiveState version of perl (5.8). Doing a perl -v points me to the earlier version in the Apache directory.

After I modified the path to look for perl in the C:\perl\bin directory first I did a perl -v and it's picking up the 5.8 version. I'm simply wondering if I can just do away with the 5.0003 version of perl contained in the apache directory and put the contents of the 5.8 version into that directory. (Of course I can back out the changes.)

Why am I doing (or more accurately asking about) this?

This is my sandbox/remote access computer and I'm trying to use this to start working with some of the examples and software used in Jared's book which seem to require a later version of perl than 5.0003 and I'm not exactly sure I really want both versions laying around. I'm planning on using this eventually on some test boxes on a real system rather than a craptop install of Oracle and I would rather have this "cleaned up" before I move on to them.

Before anyone asks, the test systems and eventually the production systems I'll be connecting to are a mix of Unix and (sob) NT systems.

I just figgered I'd try the more breakable and smaller systems first, that's why I'm doing this on NT.

I know it's easy enough to move the 5.0003 version to a backup directory and put the 5.8 version of perl in it's place, I was simply wondering if anyone else has tried it and found any gotchas, especially if I have to connect to systems with 5.0003 installed (or something lower than 5.8) and backward compatibility. I've tried looking in Google on websites and the newsfroups and what info I got there seems somewhat sparse.

I'll be happy to report back with my results once I finish my testing.

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