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Re: ORA - 14642 : partition exchange error

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 17:08:15 -0000
Message-ID: <003b01c3ffaf$cee09410$6702a8c0@Primary>

I think you're running into a problem with the Hakan factor. This is a number used by the bitmap index algorithms to limit the number of rows that Oracle assumes can be stored in a single block. It is (generally) dictated at table creation time by the number and type of non-null columns. Check tab$.spare1
just after creating a table.

Things can go wrong with partitioned tables, though, as the table has a Hakan factor, but in your case you've created a table to exchange with it that has a different Hakan factor.

The closest reference to your problem comes from (a) minimize_records_per_block, which can only be used in the absence of bitmap indexes on a table and resets the Hakan factor, and (b) a note about dropping bitmap indexes before your first compress a data segment in a partitioned table.


Jonathan Lewis

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> Hi All,
> I came across an interesting issue and thought i could get some info
> from the list. i did google around and metalinked, but no luck.
> Environment: - Solaris 8 / HP-11i
> Actually, i was getting ORA-14642 when i was trying to exchange
> partition on one of my core tables. The example given below is how i can
> reproduce with simple example table. it shows me that if the table row
> length exceeds 8 characters, then it throws an error. If i reduce the
> column(mytext) length from 5 to 4 or anything less than 5, then
> everything runs fine.
> I know it doesnt makes sense to create table and then alter the same. it
> was the old script and we were able to fix this issue by creating the
> right column and constraints(i mean, no "alter" command run).
> I was just curious to know why it was failing and it seems like it was
> failing based on row length in this case. Originally it was failing on
> my hp(11i?) box and i tried the same on Solaris(8) and it failed there
> any thoughts? has anyone seen this before? am i running into any known
> issues?
> appreciate it. thanks.
> senthil

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