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linux and Oracle status

From: Ron Rogers <>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 11:21:02 -0500
Message-Id: <>

 I have completed the upgrade of my linux play box from a 20 G dev/hda to an 80 G /dev/hda and reloaded the RedHat 7.1 successfully. I restored the Oracle datafiles and binaries from tape where needed. The database would take 10 minutes to start but started successfully and functioned as fast as originally tested. Things I have learned and why.
The loading of the OS to the new drive was easy and the creating the partitions to have the same mount points as the original drive was a breeze. The problem started when I created the users in the newly loaded OS. I created them in a different order and theu were assigned a different OSID. all groups were created the same (OINSTALL, DBA) and did not present a problem. When I restored the Oracle datafiles from tape they were assigned a different owner but the owner was in the DBA group so readability was not a problem. The problem was the start up time for the database. I changed the owner and group to the proper members and now the startup is done in 30 secs.
Backup to disk is a lot faster to. It now take 40 min to back up the active database to disk rather than the hour plus when the ownership and group was incorrect.
 If I remember correctly the tar to tape stores the userid and groupid as a number on tape and then will restore the datafiles with the same userid and groupid as was on the tape. Just something to watch for when doing a restoral on a uni* type system.
 The next step is to upgrade the OS to RedHat 2.1 AS and then an Oracle 10g upgrade.

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