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Re: Logical Standby Switchover on Solaris

From: Carel-Jan Engel <>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 14:48:56 +0000
Message-Id: <>

Hi Indy,

I've configured appr. 30 DG installations, 8(.1.7/9.01/ and up), and only one of them was LSB. This one was intended for serving the www-access, and witth the LSB solution the internet-users couldn't hurt performance on the Primary (publishing) system. HA was asserted using a PSB server as well. LSB appeared not be as stable as we wished. (This is

Apart from whatever OS you are on, I would not advise you to rely on LSB for failover purposes. For reporting, in some cases, yes, it can be useful. For High Availability you should rely on PSB. If you need both HA and LSB, consider configuring both LSB and PSB.
All the documented stuff in Chapter 8 of the DG Concepts & Administration Guide should make you doubt whether you would rely on this for HA. At least I did, and decided not to go for it and advise my customers accordingly. There are simply too much failures possible in the Log Apply services related to unallowed DML etc. As long as you are not responsible for the DML executed (which DBA is?), applications can seriously damage the setup you tediously created. PSB is pretty straightforward, once you master the concepts, and has pretty much matureness right now. LSB is still immature (at least in 9i, I'm setting up a test in 10g).

Regards, Carel-Jan

At 02:10 PM 3/1/2004, you wrote:

>Is there anybody configured Logical Standby on Sun solaris and if yes, can
>you please update the ORacle/OS version including any additional Patches.
>The important point I need to know if they have done the successful
>switchover. I had tried this and it failed and still working with Oracle
>support but so far with no result. If somebody has done the Switchover
>test on other paltform, then please share the Platform. I am doing some
>test with ORacle 10G today so as see if it works there. Actually I had
>one of the Reporting site created with Logical standby for QA and it
>failed to switchover and so been struck with rollover to PRoduction.
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