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RE: Oracle 10g for Windows

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 09:08:26 +0000
Message-Id: <>

Comments below

> Interesting! Have you messed with UNC naming with Oracle? =20
> That would make
> things easier for those of us who don't regularly maintain=20
> Oracle DBs on
> Windows and have to remotely figure out where "D:", "E:", and=20
> "F:" point to.

I wasn't talking about UNC naming (at least not as I understand it \\server=
name\sharename ) but the ability that came in with Windows 2000 (strictly N=
TFS5) to mount a new volume either as a new drive letter or as part of an e=
xisting filesystem.
brary/en-us/fileio/base/volume_mount_points.asp gives the overview. Now adm=
ittedly this is approximately 42 years after Unix but there you are.=20

> As far as Werner's wonderful site, yes, I agree with you to a=20
> point. The
> problem there is inherent to RedHat and not to Linux in=20
> general. Also, the
> problem seems to be there with versions of RedHat not=20
> supported by Oracle
> (albeit not as bad as trying to install Oracle Server on WinMe).

I had similar problems with 9.2 on mandrake 9.2, and being largely incompet=
ent with linux, and curious I just installed 10g instead, I also take your =
point - I wouldn't consider installing Oracle Server on a non-supported win=
dows platform, but quite happily breeze through doing this with Linux. This=
 shows either the superiority of linux, or my foolishness :( =20

> On the ORACLE_HOME stuff, Oracle specifically says not to set=20
> Unix-like
> environment variables in Windohs, at least for 8.1.7 (see=20
> install guide).
> Not that I'm against breaking an Oracle Corp recommendation=20
> (for me, it's
> parts of OFA), but what problems could it cause? Just=20
> GUI-related stuff?

I wouldn't set global environment variables, but am quite happy to set them=
 for the duration of the command interpreter session. Yes you do upset GUI =
stuff (and possibly some of the services) if you set them at a system level=
 (or even user logon level) - I've never had a problem running a cmd prompt=
 and pretending windows was a real OS.=20


Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA
Audit Commission
+44 117 975 7805=20

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