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RE: standby config --> FAL_SERVER / FAL_CLIENT

From: <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 14:43:41 +0530
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Hi Prem,

My replies inline=20

Best Regards

Sriram Kumar

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From: Prem Khanna J []=20 Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 2:09 PM To:
Cc: K Sriram Kumar-RT
Subject: RE: standby config --> FAL_SERVER / FAL_CLIENT

Hi Sriram ,=20

Thanx for your timely reply .

>>I had faced the same situation sometime back. I fought it out=20
>>by digging to the Dataguard guide.Pls follow this
>>FAL_SERVER =3D3D <Primary_Server TNS Entry> in Standby Database
>>FAL_CLIENT =3D3D<Standby Server TNS Entry> in the primary database.

but the data guard docs say that both of these should be set on standby database. that's what confused me. okay , let me try as u said.

>>I guess the "no data loss mode " isin't called that way any more
>>You have MAXIMIZE PROTECTION -- This Equates to no data loss mode.
u r right sriram . that is what i meant . Maximum Protection mode .

>>For Setting the database in Maximize protection mode
>>Set this parameter in primary database.
>>log_archive_dest_2=3D3D'service=3D3D<standby> reopen=3D3D60 MANDATORY =
>>SYNC AFFIRM' Also,Set this parameter in the standby
>>standby_file_management=3D3Dauto -- This would enable automatic =
>>of datafiles in the standby

i have set these parameters too.The docs say that DGS_BROKER_START=20 should be set on both primary and standby database . is it so ?=20 Docs sometimes seem to be unreliable : (=20

Sri:I have managed to run without the DG broker framework. I did'nt set = any of the DGS parameters

>>Would be glad to help you out

happy that u are there to help out : )=20

and regarding online redo logs of the primary database :=20 if the server ( where the primary database resides ) goes down and all the HDD
are lost ( bad luck ) ... there would be some data loss . am i right ?=20 what can be done to avoid this ? can the online redo logs be placed on=20 an external storage ( ... like NAS ) ? OR am i OFF the track regarding online redo logs ?

Sri:Well the moment you say its maximize protection(Zero data loss), The = LGWR takes charge of ensuring that the Logfiles and the remote standby = redolog files are in sync. The transaction would be signaled a commit = iff the transaction is applied to log file and the standby redolog file. = So don't worry abt placing your log files in a Shared storage you wont = need them for this protection mode

Thanks and Regards,

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