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RE: Changes in platforms, changes in attitude....

Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 14:17:49 -0600
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   Recently I went HP/Compaq/Dec Alpha --> Solaris    We ruled out the idea of moving database blocks directly as being too risky.

   The main three methods I found with great help from people on this list were:

  1. Export/import as you mention
  2. SQL*Net
  3. Extract the data to a flat file and use SQL*Loader. You can locate the discussion thread by going to Google and entering Oracle-L "quickest method". Just based on what people recalled from their previous tests on various platforms conducted at various times, the speed seemed to be:
    1. SQL*Loader, and very scalable with parallel sessions, but the most effort as well.
    2. SQL*Net, but watch scalability across your network.
    3. Export/import With SQL*Loader it is difficult to create the flat file on the host server. If you can write a Perl program, especially if it will read the table dictionary, in theory that one program could create all your flat files. Then you must create SQL*Loader scripts for each table. You could have Perl write the data to the target system, but then you are essentially duplicating the SQL*Net method. You wouldn't use the SQL*Loader method for every table, but use Pareto's Principle (a.k.a. the 80/20 method). In nearly any database, a small handful of tables hold the bulk of the data. I have not heard where RMAN would help you accomplish the tasks. I am not familiar with Veritas. For us, in the end, it turned out the new server could actually import faster than the old server could export. My problems vanished at that moment.

Dennis Williams
Lifetouch, Inc.

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From: Loughmiller, Greg [] Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 1:38 PM
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Subject: Changes in platforms, changes in attitude....

Hey guys,  

Been awhile since I have re-platformed a database from HP to SUN. :-( And we had to do the infamous rman or import/export approach.  

But now I'm getting involved in a move of databases from SUN to HP. Are the requirements still to *migrate* the database via rman/export/import? Or have the block structures become *exact* where OS/Veritas utilities can be made useful. I'm sitting on a conference call, and we get to work thru moving 60+ databases in range from 1GB to 3TB from SUN to HP:-)  

Just looking for some quick feedback -

Thanks in advance!  

Greg Loughmiller

Sr Manager - Enterprise Data Architecture

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