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Re: Network Performance Stumper

From: Michael Thomas <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 21:29:10 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>


I skimmed your post. We had many difficulties with older versions of PowerBuilder that worked with Oracle v7, but had minor issues both upgrading PB and when we switched to Oracle 8i and again 9i.

In summary, make sure you know exactly what client network configuration, protocols, and dll's are being used in each case. Then try your tests all over again.

Possible issues we found:
1) Multiple Oracle home on client, with mixed versions of OCI DLL in the same WinNT directory. The only way to isolate what dll you are using in PB is to reboot WinNT after removing (renaming) the DLL you are testing. If you found it, then the application will fail to connect. Check the version with file properties, and get it all straight for your tests.

2) PB pbl's may need to be rebuilt or recompiled during development if you change the Oracle version. We found problems with development pbl's SQL after switching Oracle versions (behind the scenes). We suspect PB creates different 'hidden' data in a pbl depending on the PB version and/or connected to a newer version of Oracle. Therefore, if you just grab older version of pbl's out of PVCS(whatever) and run you can get inconsistent Oracle results (we did). I wrote a java parser to read all the pbl text to search for which pbl's to rebuild/update based on which tables were included in the 'problem' business area.

3) SQL*Plus is not necessarily doing the same thing as PB. I recommend a small PB application, connecting to both databases, as your test vehicle.

I don't want to scare you with random thoughts of potential problems (trial and error cycle-of-doom). So as start, I recommend you make sure your tests (below) are valid comparisons by going deep enough in your configurations, and protocol stacks (e.g. OCI), so attempting the comparison that you actually 'break' the connection. This should help insure an apple-to-apple comparision.

Good luck. Sorry for the 'random' thoughts, I just typed as it came to mind.


Mike Thomas

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