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RE: dbv - Found block already marked corrupted

From: Hately, Mike (LogicaCMG) <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 16:14:59 -0000
Message-ID: <08916DA065CDD511A5EB00508B69BF2804CAC636@mwexs1.nedomain>

corruptions of this kind can be caused by recovery operations that 'roll through' operations that were performed as NOLOGGING. This is because Oracle can't be sure that the object was not changed so the blocks are marked as corrupt.
It may be that the blocks in question are not actually in use by the object even though they are allocated to it. If this is the case they'll be formatted when they're eventually used.
Oracle considers that these blocks are not in use and for that reason it reports a message and does not increment the "Pages Failing" statistics produced when dbv completes.
I don't know of a way to corect this problem without recreating the object (which would certainly fix the messages). As you've already found, the object itself is not corrupted so the only problem is the spurious messages. It's up to you whether you think an ALTER TABLE MOVE is worth the hassle just to fix those messages.
Of course, if someone knows a utility to un-flag a block I'm all ears.

Mike Hately

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From: Kaing, Leng [] Sent: 30 January 2004 06:05
Subject: FW: dbv - Found block already marked corrupted Importance: High

> Hi Guys,

> Sorry if this is covering old grounds... I ran dbv against our =
datafiles and it came back with this:


> Found block already marked corrupted
> Block Checking: DBA =3D 29363614, Block Type =3D
> Found block already marked corrupted
> Block Checking: DBA =3D 29363615, Block Type =3D
> I then ran cdba and converted it to fileid and blockid, analyzed the =
table validate structure cascade and there was nothing wrong. Metalink = suggests that I need to recreate the object to get rid of the error. Is = this the only way? Is there a dbms_repair or something that we can do to = unmark an already marked corrupted block?

> TIA,

> Leng.

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> Leng Kaing
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> Phone: +61-3-9203-7589
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