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FW: Lots of Help needed

From: Biddell, Ian <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 19:14:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi there fellow Oracle people,
I am hoping that some of you can help me and/or provide details etc. for my situation I find myself in. So if you bear with me I will describe the situation.
I currently support an Oracle 9i (just moved from 7.3.4), windows, tuxedo, client server application for a utilities company  in Australia.  
I have now been thrown in the deep end on a new system for  a very  larg bank which is building a complete new system.
The main spec I am dealing with in regards to the database is that there can be one or more of the applications running and each one can feed (identical data) to one or more oracle 9i databases. It's basically just logging details of transactions, with a rate of up at least 700/sec
I believe they want , for redundancy purposes, two application servers sending out 4 streams to 4 oracle instances each, as it can never be allowed to stop running.
It will be running on HP-ux (which I am new to) and a SAN (which I'm also new to). I have to come up with the Oracle requirements, database,tablespace,table designs, sizing etc.
There is basically 3 layers to the database, very short term(vst), short term(st) and long term.(lt)
The data is inserted into the VST tables (partitioned on something like 30 minute time slots with a rolling around on themselves after a certain period of time. The VST partitions are loaded to the ST tables (partitioned on 2hr time slots) and kept for 7 to 14 days. Finally this data is digested to the LT tables and kept for 3 months. So the insertion rate into the VST & ST is very high. Partitions will obviously only be read from, to move the data down a level, when writing is taking place in another partition. 
I have been told that  there are many similar projects/systems in the States on this size, configuration, transaction rate etc.
So I am hoping to not to have to reinvent the wheel, also as I have not much experience on the HP-ux/SAN platform. If anyone has gone through a similar exercise and has documentation, guidelines etc. I would love to be able to get copies to work from.
Any help on Oracle details related to this project would be very very welcome.
Things like..... 
I would love to hear back from any one that thinks they can provide some tried principals, papers, details, guidelines etc. on any of the above details.
If you are in Australia then I can even visit if needed.
Many thanks
Ian Biddell
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Author: Biddell, Ian

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