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Re: Re[1]: OCP question from Boson practice tests

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 05:04:29 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Prem

Comments in line.

> Hi Richard ,
> Many a thanx for both of your replies .
> All my worry is : do such questions appear in the real exams also ?

Although there are certainly some dodgy questions and correspondingly suz answers, I think you'll find the majority of the OCP exam will have 'relatively' clear answers. Certainly enough to make a failure be a deservable event :) My biggest wish would be for there to be 3 additional selections to most questions:

F) what does it matter so who cares

G) you would check the syntax, correct parameter name, etc. in the manuals

H) it depends

because the above 3 answers are generally (often collectively) the *correct* answer to the questions.

> And your reply has increased my self-confidence.
> particularly the line :
> <RF>Trust what you *see*, not what you *read*. </RF>
> <RF>You actually proven this yourself and yet you still have doubts? </RF>
> yes Richard : (
> hope i will not repeat this as time goes and my experience grows.
> i.e., i will be more confident with my answers .

Experience only comes with time. And in time, your confidence will grow.

Trust me, you'll get there.

> okay , coming back to the sizing of temp tablespace question .
> if suppose , such a question appears in the exam too ( my bad luck ) ,
> what will be your two best answers ?

Honestly, with this question, I would keep a mental picture of the thing, pick any 2 answers (users and sort_area_size would be my pick but as I said, they're simply not correct), move on to the next question and report back to Oracle what the hell they meant by the bloody thing.

Cheers (and good luck)


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