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RE: Suggestions Needed: Latch free - library cache

From: John Kanagaraj <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 16:34:33 -0800
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This is a very cursory answer... If this is the 'library cache' latch, then there *should* be a number of entries in V$LATCH_CHILDREN. Are the figures therein skewed in some way among the child latches? If so, you *may* have an issue where a particular application or SQL is not using bind variables. A look at V$SQL will reveal a lot. I would look at applications without bind variables. Also, you may look for any Object stats (ANALZYE) that has spilled over and is currently running during the daytime (overly zealous DBA starts off ANALYZE because 'performance is bad'!) - this will invalidate SQLs resulting in parsing (and thus latching).

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We have experienced intermittent problems (slow response time) with our oltp database today.  There appears to be a large number of latch free events and the p2 parameter is indicating an issue with the library cache.  Any thoughts on where to go next?

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