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Re: another OCP question -- help me guys

From: <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 10:14:34 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> Hi list , sorry to pester you with questions regarding
> boson OCP questions . i have scheduled for #1Z0-031 exam
> and so desperately need help from this list .
> please bear with me for while . look at the 2 questions below .

Don't apologize Prem, who else are you gonna call, ghostbusters? :)

> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> what happens when you issue the command below .
> drop tablespace testtbs including contents cascade constraints and
> datafiles;
> but boson's choice is A. i wonder how ???

Statement is incorrect, cascade constraints is placed in the end. Fine that explains that boson is wrong. But if you want to prepare for ocp then , you must also consider the possibility that a novice like me was sitting at boson preparing these questions. So the next time you come across a question whose answer doesn't match yours do the following in the order specified:

  1. Assume boson is right and recheck your answer. Try it out on a test database. (make sure you get the conditions of the question correctly implemented). See the docs.
  2. Assume boson is right and read the solution /explanation for the answer, then tally it with your answer and solution.
  3. Still not happy ? Assume boson is right and re-read the question, there may be one word or a comma or a full stop or a bracket ,etc that is completly changing the meaning of the question but you may skipped it when reading the question. (It happens a lot to me, but then I am dumb :). Now tally your answer with boson
  4. Still not happy ? (there is no pleasing you, is there? :) ok now you can do two things: 4a. The question and the solution given by boson are blatantly wrong (because of a typo or because I had set the question paper ) AND YOU ARE ABLE TO COMPLETLY REASON OUT out what is so wrong about the question and answer, what should it have been, what if that part of the question was changed so , etc etc, ; then correct the question and answer and move onto the next one. 4b The question is still blatantly wrong but you have a nagging doubt, then ask around . There may be some obscure formula (which works only in OCP exams) or the answer may be the least of all the evils given . Either which way time to mug it up

Now keeping in mind these policies, have another look at the two questions you have given above and below.

> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> you need to determine how much space has been allocated for a table.
> which view would give you this information ?
> A. dba_extents
> B. dba_ts_quotas
> C. dba_segments
> my choice is C .
> but boson's choice is A . it says other views cannot give
> the required details .
> a metalink doc says that dba_segments.blocks gives the
> total number of blocks allocated to the table.
> what will be the choice that you would go for ?
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

Both A and C are right. What will really boggle your mind is deciding what to say if you get the exact same question in the ocp exam and you have to make a single choice.
But relax ocp exams are not as troublesome, they are much more professionally prepared.

> so now i have the question whether boson is reliable ?
> how many in this list have used it ?
> or am i missing something : ((

After reading my letter I hope there is at least one thing you can say : Boson is not reliable , but it is essential. Remember , there is a big difference between studying and studying for an exam . And the only way to ace the ocp is to do many question papers like boson.


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