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RE: freebie. Summarize Oracle Listener logs

From: <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 04:49:33 -0800
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Hi Steve-
Quite interested in having a go at it.
Please send to me a copy asap.
Cheers and regards,
CSW Simon.
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From: Steve Perry []
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 6:29 AM
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Subject: freebie. Summarize Oracle Listener logs

I wanted to summarize our listener logs to see who's connecting with what tools. I checked google and didn't see anything, so I decided to write one. It may be useful to somebody else.
It summarizes the lines of a listener log. the output is similar to
Ora Listener Log Summary V0.5
Oracle SID: ODP Log File: TSOORDDB.listener.log
Listener Started at: 06-DEC-2003 07:53:26
User             Host             Program                         Total
================ ================ ==================== ================
PA1DBO           TSOORA49         DMSERVER_V4.EXE                 6,594
PW1DBO           TSOORA50         DLLHOST.EXE                     1,514
IWAM_TSOORA50    TSOORA50         DLLHOST.EXE                       600
PW2DBO           TSOORA56         DLLHOST.EXE                       362
ITMDBO           TSOORA52         SQLPLUS.EXE                       166
SYSTEM           TSOORA56         MAPS_BIZ                           88
PW3DBO           TSOORA57         TD2000.EXE                         72
ASPNET           TSOORA56         ASPNET_WP.EXE                      57
ORACLE           __JDBC__                                            41
ARCDBO           SATSAP09         SQLPLUS.EXE                        12
2KNUPPS          SKNUPP-1         TOAD.EXE                            7
PERRYSM          SAIT02547        SQLPLUSW.EXE                        6
2RILEYJ          GLEFIO01210      TOAD.EXE                            4
2MASHUA          GLEFIO01262      TOAD.EXE                            3
PA1DBO           TSOORA49         DMFILESCAN.EXE                      3
PA1DBO           TSOORA49         DMCLEAN.EXE                         3
LDQDBO           TSOORA24         JREW.EXE                            2
2SHURTN          GLEFIO01261      TOAD.EXE                            1
PW3DBO           TSOORA57         DBDBOIN.EXE                         1
PA1DBO           TSOORA49         SQLPLUSW.EXE                        1
ODDDBO           TSOORD08         EXP.EXE                             1
2KNUPPS          SKNUPP-1         SQLPLUSW.EXE                        1
PW2DBO           TSOORA56         SQLPLUSW.EXE                        1
It sorts in descending order by the connect attempts.
all connect lines are counted. It doesn't take into account if the connection was made - only that it was attempted. seperating the failed connections may be a future enhancement.
I just wrote it (and some cutting/pasting from the net), so it hasn't been burned in yet.
It will process 100 meg of logs in few minutes.
It was written for windows only. sorry, I work in a MicroSlop env...
I have a  cmd file that I use to run it so it can process our current logs or older stuff.
Rather than pasting both of them inline, email me and I'll send them out.
if you want it bad :), email me at work
otherwise use and I'll get to it when I get home.
if somebody optimizes it, cleans it up,finds a flaw..., let me know so I can update it.
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