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Hotsos' Classes

From: Potluri, Venu (CT Appl Suppt) <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 11:24:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Is there a proper sequence of classes to take, among those offered by Hotsos? While I do use Wait events to monitor & "tune" my Oracle Financials databases, I need more training in Performance tuning. I am just dipping my toes into the world of Oracle Performance Tuning. I am reading Cary's book and I have used Ixora's treasure of information, quite a bit in the past.

I see there are a number of classes now as opposed to a clinic in the past.

Performance Diagnosis 101
SQL Optimization 101
Hotsos Symposium 2004
Steve Adams Seminar

While I would love to take all of them, time & work schedule permitting, I wouldn't want to waste time either if any of the subject matter goes above my head and I spend time scratching my head. God knows I might even find SQL Tuning class useful to brush up little that I know. Would the Hotsos Symposium be not suitable for poeple like myself who haven't taken the Performance Diagnostics 101 class and aren't well versed with Performance Tuning? What is expected of the audience in terms of prior knowledge? Mind you, I am not an expert like most of you guys. Haven't written a book or even a paper!

Venu Potluri
Oracle Financials DBA


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Author: Potluri, Venu (CT Appl Suppt)

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