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10g new features question for beta testers

From: <>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 05:24:25 -0800
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I saw a presentation from Oracle on 10g new features last night in Reston,VA. I know atleast one other person from the list was there. Since Oracle is releasing details and its going to be released(in theory) in the next 2 weeks, I was wondering if you guys could talk about it.

  1. does ASMs work as well as Oracle claims? I always wonder about first generation features... takes most software vendors a couple of generations to get it right(takes any project Im on just as long). This is a radical departure.

for those of you who dont know. Oracle claims that they will manage your disks for you. All you do is give Oracle some Raw Disks and Oracle will set up, and handle all your datafiles. All you do is look at logical tablespaces. It will also handle I/O balancing.

How well does this work? Anyone test it with a SAN?

2. RAC Load Balancing. Oracle claims that you only need Oracle software from now on. They also claim that you can load balance multiple applications. Lets say you have One application that runs batch loads over night and a transactional application during the day.... oracle will automatically steal resources from the other when its not busy...

anyone test this?

3. Flashback database. Kyte was the presenter and he said that you can keep massive undo areas, so that if you have a failure or delete data you shouldnt have you can have oracle automatically write the DML necessary to bring it back to any point in time. Kyte said that regular EIDE hard drives that you put in home PCs are plenty fast enough for most systems. He recommends getting 4 300 GB drives(1.2 TBs) for about $1400 to do this and to make tape backups off of this since they are really slow.

Can any beta testers comment?

Im pleased with the rename tablespace feature... that way I dont have to update TS$ anymore... I wonder if it was our complaining that got them to add it :)


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