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RE: NT -> Win2K causes performance degradation..

From: Boivin, Patrice J <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 04:34:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>


We noticed the same thing on Windows2000, it doesn't get mentioned often. Does it mean not many people maintain databases that require more than 1.5G of memory on their Windows servers?

My impression so far:
- one can't use virtual memory on the Windows platform for a busy database,
including user connections, possibly because the SGA memory areas are accessed frequently, more frequently than the Virtual Memory Manager can handle.
- on a 4G server, windows only provides us with 1.5G or so of memory for

I have been wondering whether this might be why Oracle didn't produce a Windows version of the Collaboration Suite for v2, and haven't re-introduced one for the current version either: resource allocation problems on the Windows OS. For v2 they said they planned to release one, but never did as far as I know.

If you run (say) Red Hat Advanced Server on a 4G server, how much memory is available for the Oracle software? Is it closer to 1.5G or to 4G?

Just curious whether some shops have switched OS on the same hardware, and noticed a difference in the amount of available resources on the server.

I don't know whether Windows2003 resolves this resource allocation problem, I would be curious to learn that too.

My focus is not the Collaboration Suite per se, just the resource allocation limit on Win2k.


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We run oracle on Win 2000 and have observed that whenever the memory on ora.exe process reaches around 1.4G, our application runs into "Listener unable to start a dedicated server process" At this point no one will be able to connect to the db and we are forced to restart.

We are exploring to migrate the db on to Win 2003.


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