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RE: NT/WINDOWS 2000 resources for ORACLE

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 12:50:15 -0800
Message-ID: <>

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> Subject: NT/WINDOWS 2000 resources for ORACLE
> Hi,
> In coming weeks I have to work on a project to Support Oracle
> databases on
> NT/Windows 2000. I have unix background supporting Oracle
> adatbases on a
> smaller scale hence not much skill was rqquired.

Its windows - its all clicky clicky clicky - no skill required :(

> I shall appreciate your guidance/experience to point right
> resources for
> NT/Windows 2000
> 1)for connectivity tools

Probably the most common tools would be vnc or pcAnywhere. Terminal Services is adequate (we use it) but some console commands do not work as expected with TS.

> 2)NT administratiion tools/books/white papers

Check out

> 3) Job schedular juct like crontab in unix.

There is a scheduled tasks applet (might require a certain level of IE) for job scheduling. Fairly straightforward. There is a command line version "at" which works but is horrible imo.

> 3)performance tuning with Windows prospective

Similar I imagine to Unix. Keep os and swap away from each other and Oracle. Don't run any services (daemons) you don't need. Don't install anything you don't need. Dedicate the server to oracle.

Performance measurement on windows is done via a tool called perfmon, which works on a 'counters' basis. That is you add 'counters' which are performance metrics to the tool and display the results on screen or write them to a log for later analysis. Counters include things like %CPU, DISK/SEC, Memory usage etc. You can tell these are nearly all counts or ratios :(.

> 4)batch scripting - most important for me. Is any site
> contains readily
> available common scripts.

I've not seen one. Note that you can install unix emulators or perl (and then hassle Jared...) if you so desire. My preference is vbscript.

> 5)Any other issues to tackle

The rate at which 'critical' patches for the OS come out. For this reason alone I'd expect to do scheduled maintenance on the server at least every 42 days. Subscribe to the ms security mailing list and check windows update regularly (but install manually).

Once UKOUG is over my next project will be an Oracle on Windows whitepaper, but don't expect to see it before Jan/Feb next year.


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