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RE: building a reporting database

From: C.S.Venkata Subramanian <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 22:59:58 -0800
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Hi All,
I have been working with client, where the refresh of the reporting instance is happening every 12 hrs due to business needs. This process is very well defined and the users are very happy. Even the concurrent requests are xfr to new reporting instance. I would take it offline and the process in fully driven by scripts and one good point is that we can continue from the point where it failed. --------- Original Message ---------
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We are working a SharePlex project from Quest. For our purposes (Financials) with heavy adhoc (Cognos) we need to stay as close as possible to the production instance. The advantage to SharePlex is that it is a log miner and hence does not do a lot of sql against the source database. It is near real time. Since this is not an Oracle product perhaps offline would be a better place to discuss it. One disclaimer, we are still in implementation and are not currently in production.

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i am in the process of trying to firgure out the best way to model a reporting database . the source for the data in this database is a oltp system and i have figured out these three methods are good.
- using aq and dq message processing

the last one will lag in data since standby database caanot have any archival log applied when opened in read only.

is there any other good method to do this . my database is on


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