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RE: granting SELECT privilege on SYS.X$ TABLES

From: Jacques Kilchoer <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 11:09:34 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Boy do I feel stupid!
Thank you Mr. Khedr and Mr. Breitling. I know the views are there, but at first I thought that maybe there were being created as part of the database creation process in some cases. In the first database I looked at, the X_$ views had the same creation date as the database creation date, but then one of the programmers here might have used a Quest tool on the database on the same day it was created. Now I see that in the other databases that have those views, the views were created later. I'll have to find out which product does that, most of the quest products create objects staring with QUEST (e.g. QUEST_XXX_X$KTFBUE) - actually AFAIK it's the rule for any object created in the database - but it does seem like there's one that doesn't use that naming convention.

> -----Original Message-----
> Wolfgang Breitling
> Someone must have created sys.x_$ views on some of the sys.x$ tables.
> Installing statspack does that for example for X$KCBFWAIT, X$KSPPSV,
> X$KSPPI, and X$KSQST. Do you have quest? I believe it does it
> for some of
> the x$ tables as well. I routinely do it for all x$ tables in my test
> databases and grant select to the select_catalog_role. Then I
> can access
> the x$tables without having to log on as sys.

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