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RE: Stop using SYS, SYSTEM?

From: Thater, William <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:54:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Smith, Ron L. scribbled on the wall in glitter crayon:

> We are being asked by Auditing to stop using the SYS, and SYSTEM
> accounts. They would like for us to create an Oracle Role with the
> same permissions a SYS and SYSTEM, then grant the role to each of the
> DBA's. Don't ask me why. Nothing is being audited in 99% of the
> databases. They just say it in a paper some where so they said we
> shouldn't use it. This seems like it would cause lots of problems
> with exports, imports, installs, etc... Has anyone had to deal with
> this type of request? Any potential problems with making the change?

it would seem to me that this would break things. the only two users Oracle can be sure are there are SYS and SYSTEM, just like the only tablespace it can be sure is there is the SYSTEM one. and what about running catalog and such? i think there are two many possibilities for things to break for me to be comfortable with this one.

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