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Re: Multi-threaded server - will it help in this case

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 07:04:33 -0800
Message-ID: <>


MTS (or SS in 9i onwards) is an excellent choice to accomodate this application. Please be aware that you can mix dedicated and MTS by setting up different TNS names on different ports for each, so it is not an all-or-nothing situation. Most connections to the database outside of this CAE app will likely be better served with dedicated connections, so just dole out TNS names accordingly.

Also, please be sure to estimate the size of your UGA by tracking values (i.e. name like '%uga%') in V$SESSTAT at peak periods then sizing the Large Pool to accomodate, before you enable MTS. Unless you're really constrained for memory, don't be shy about this; double the highest value you sum from V$SESSSTAT to be safe. After enabling MTS, monitor the value of "free memory" where POOL = 'large pool' in V$SGASTAT. If you've oversized, you can start backing down on LARGE_POOL_SIZE gently, if you need the memory elsewhere...

Hope this helps...


> Environment: AIX 4.3
> Oracle 8.1.7
> The application is a CAE tool which stores metadata for
> a hierarchy of 3D engineering design models.
> When a user opens a model at a given level in the design,
> the application retrieves data about that model and all of
> the models below it in the design try. This often
> involves as many as 100 or more models.
> Unfortunately, the way the application is written, it
> opens a new connection to the database for each model.
> Thus, in the process of retrieving
> metadata, it may open and close as many as 100 connections
> to the database. Obviously, this causes some performance
> problems, especially for remote users. The number of
> users when the system goes fully into production
> is going to be in the low 100's.
> The vendor is not interested in changing the way the
> software works.
> Will use of the mult-threaded server improve performance
> in this situation, for
> example, by eliminating the overhead of starting a
> dedicated server for each connection?
> Thanks,
> Peter Schauss

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