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Re: passing an array variable from a .Net middle tier to a databse

From: Dave Hau <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 12:44:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

According to what you said, the OO guys already pass an array to the database. In this case, they most likely are already using array binding. With array binding, you don't need to define the variable to be a pl/sql table on the DB side. All you need to make sure is you use bind variables which is most definitely the case since I don't know how else you would pass an array to the database. If that's the case, then you're already doing array insert which is equivalent to bulk insert on pl/sql. Bulk insert on pl/sql calls the same array insert OCI interface   behind the scene. The only difference is it's called from within the process, since the pl/sql interpreter runs in-process with the database.   But speed wise, it doesn't make a big difference. wrote:
> Im sure on the DB side this is the same for Java and C/C++ also.
> The OO guys pass us an array. When I write my code, I need to define a PL/SQL table that maps exactly to the array correct?
> Our middle tier is having problem doing bulk inserts since its doing one at a time and I believe it closes the session each time. I also think there is an auto-commit on.
> I cant help with that... However, I want to pass it to a pl/sql table with some other variables then dynamically insert it into the database from package. This should clear up the bottleneck.
> is this doable? I cannot touch the middle tier or OO stuff. Strictly the database.

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