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RE: full recovery

From: Rich Holland <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 11:59:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I believe that an 'alter database backup controlfile to trace' loses the RMAN data stored in the control files if you're not using a repository (if I remember right from RF's book).

Since we're not using a repository, we've got controlfile autobackup on (in 9i use 'configure controlfile autobackup on'). We dump these disk copies via filesystem backups as a safety measure. We also do a backup database, archivelogs, and then control (but all in one step; I'm not sure I'm clear on the reason for separating them into three backup sets)....


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> AK,
> First, your normal backup should backup your database in the following
> order:
> Database, archivelogs and then control file. I actually do
> this in three
> separate Rman steps. This is so that the most recent control file is
> backups up after all of the data. This allows your to perform an
> incoimplete-recovery-restore to as late a time as possible.
> Also, consider
> adding a database trigger that, upon startup, perform an
> "alter database
> backup controlfile to trace;" Keep a copy of this trace file
> someplace safe
> as a sanity check. You could use it to recreate your
> controlfiles if all
> else fails.
> Your recovery steps are as follows:
> 1. restore oracle software from tape.
> 2. restore config files ( init.ora , listener. ora ).
> 3. startup instance with nomount.
> 4. run Rman to restore the control file from tape.
> 5. Alter database mount
> 6. run Rman to restore database files
> 7. alter database open resetlogs.
> 8. perform a brand-new Rman backup (database, logs & controlfile)
> turn the system back to the users (with many back-pats from
> management).
> You should be testing this on a regular basis.
> Good Luck!
> Tom Mercadante
> Oracle Certified Professional
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> Here is a scenerio :
> I am taking full database backup everynight using rman to tape . which
> includes archive logs and control file. Not using
> catalog.Also have a backup
> of complete file system including oracle software and
> configuration files (
> init.ora , listener.ora etc.. )
> I lost the host on a particular day at 12 am afternoon. Now I want to
> restore this db to latest possible time to another host (
> with same name )
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