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RE: How do you genrate primary keys?

From: Thater, William <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 06:09:33 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Mercadante, Thomas F scribbled on the wall in glitter crayon:

> Jonathan,
> I think your idea of a paper is a good one. But I think we need to
> back th question up to what the requirements are.
> First, to me, a primary key should not be something that a user would
> ever see or use. So the Soc. Sec. # is out. (A side issue - I used
> to work at a college. Want to know how many times we had to change
> the Soc. for an individual student because the parent filled the form
> out and used their soc, or the kid used the wrong one?). Any id
> entered by a user is subject to mistakes and changes. So the PK
> value must be protected from these types of errors.

the other problem is the SS# are not unique. so even if they get entered correctly you can still have a dupe. trust me in this one, i had to pay a lawyer to get it straightened out.

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