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RE: RMAN - Compressing using named piped

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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 09:49:28 -0800
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I dont think you can compress rman files while backups are running. RMAN doesnt support external compression while backups are running 'cause RMAN has to validate backups. You can compress all the files once your backup is completed. I tried that in the past but didnt work. Infect there are some technical forums on metalink about that. I have a script which I used to validate backups and gzip files after backups are completed. If you are interested I can send you offline, script is not very good but worked fine.

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I am running Oracle 9i R2 and want my RMAN files gzipped to save disk space.  

Is is possible to either use this new DBMS_PIPE oracle has or just creates a script that uses a namped piped and compresses as rman is performing a backup? If someone has done this before, can you let me know how ?  

My rman backups are 71g compresed they are 12g.  

Thanks ahead of time.

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