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RE: Reality check for filesystem/disk layout

From: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:54:47 -0800
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This database is required to be 7x24 so we have to run in archivelog mode
(no cold backups).

My concern with SAME is that we may very well end up with a lot of io contention when we're having large data loads and large sorts happening at the same time. And would you really put data files on RAID5 when our main problem on the database is the amount of time it takes to do our monthly loads? Wouldn't that slow down all the inserts?

Unfortunately putting redo on dedicated disks will not be approved due to the wasted space. I'd love to do it but...

You're probably right about not bothering to put the archive logs on the outer portion of the disk. Thinking it over that doesn't seem necessary. Comments from anyone else on what might profitably inhabit that valuable disk real estate? Rollback segments perhaps? Temp? Or just not bother to specify anything?

Jay Miller
Sr. Oracle DBA

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    Since it seems that your data can be loaded again easily via night batch load, why not consider noarchivelog mode?

    SAME is better than your disk partition policy ,I think. You have limited number of disk, seperate your limited number of disks for dedicated redo/archive maybe is not a good idear.

    And using outer part of the disk maybe become much more complicated when raid is in use.Do you know the underlying raid policy?

    Another possible solution I will consider is put redo on mirrored disk(2 disks) and everything else on raid5. This max the daily read performance and does not affect the nightly loading.Archive log is not relavant to performance of read and loading,unless archive process is unable to catch the speed of redo generation.I won't put valuable disk resource to archivelog.     

Zhu Chao.

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