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OT: Going to OT with Griz

From: Orr, Steve <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 09:44:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>

It's not just any pepper spray but is specially formulated for Griz. Here's what you NEED in Montana:

Last year a hunter was killed by Griz while dressing his elk. Griz has actually learned to head towards gun fire knowing he may find a gut pile left by some hapless hunter. When I go hunting I carry my .44Mag AND pepper spray for close encounters while field dressing my kill. If confronted by Griz I figure my chances are better with the spray. (The .44 is merely for backup on windy days.) My cousin-in-law actually used the spray on griz from 10 feet away and says it was VERY effective. Griz was bouncing off trees as he ran away.

Mladen, you ought to take this topic and join us in the Oracle-L OT list. You have a natural talent for it. ;-)

Steve Orr
Bozeman, Montana

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Pepper spray? I would feel much safer with a good Springfield rifle by my side. I'm not sure that a can of pepper spray can stop a 700 lbs animal, charging at 30 MPH, armed with 2" teeth and 5" claws. On short distances, a bear can outrun
a deer.

Mladen Gogala
Oracle DBA 

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> Subject: RE: x$ constructs and memory
> > What happens when these x$constructs begin to consume large amounts
> > of memory? Is there an upper bound?
> Dan, can you think of a scenario where X$ constructs could
> consume enough memory that DBA marmots like us should
> meditate on them?
> OT: Are there many grizzlies in CO? There are plenty here in
> MT and I always take my pepper spray with me whenever if go
> to the mountain top to comtemplate things Oracle and
> otherwise. Got within 100 yards of one and I saw him but he
> didn't see me.
> Steve Orr
> Bozeman, Montana
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