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Oracle RAC in a SQL Server Environment

From: jwiegand <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 04:24:04 -0800
Message-ID: <>


I accepted a job at a SQL Server shop, in the initial stages of implementing an Oracle solution. My previous jobs I'd been an Oracle DBA, as well as back-filling on SQL Server for a couple years. I participated in evaluating Oracle High Availability for our solution. We're an online only learning institution and need to be up 24x7, and thus the project has evolved into a RAC solution, with standby. There will be clustering on the app tier using Weblogic. This is a Windows solution, because they're a Microsoft shop.  

We have only recently ordered the hardware, and our timeline is to be up for a Limited Availability Release November 20th, and to be fully live by January 1st. We are getting Oracle Services in for one week and the app vendor will spend a week setting up.  

The problem: I feel my gut telling me that I should be dedicated full time to this implementation, but I'm meeting tons of resistance, particularly from the SQL Server DBA's, who want me involved with SQL Server projects.  

I'm the only Oracle resource at the company.  

For those of you running RAC, care to inform me about resources needed to implement your solution? What was your timeline? Any Gotchas? This company views databases as a black box, so I'm faced with this "cultural divide".  

All insights valuable.  



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Author: jwiegand

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