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Re: Top (<=10) Issues faced by Oracle DBAs Deploying in a SAN/NAS

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 12:59:51 -0800
Message-ID: <>

NAS mistakes:

  1. Not dedicating two (or more) network segments to NAS access only, segregated from other uses
    > * Should you just plug a NAS into a general-purpose LAN and start connecting
    > servers to it?
    > * Why would more than one network port on a server using NAS storage be a good
    > idea?
    > * Why are two (or more, not one) dedicated network segments a good idea?
  2. Not placing data structures like online redo logfiles, RBS/UNDO datafiles, ³lk<DBNAME>² file, and at least one controlfile on direct-attach HDD or SAN
    > * If there is a policy to place all ³corporate data² on the shared storage
    > (NAS), then surely redo, RBS/UNDO etc should not be considered ³corporate
    > data²
    > * Often, the ³lk<DBNAME>² mount lock file in the ³$ORACLE_HOME/dbs² directory
    > should be placed on direct-attach HDD or SAN, else ORA-27086 can happen
    >> * Oracle documentation mentions resolution of ORA-27806 by running unlocking >> commands on NetApps console, but the best solution is prevention...
  3. Not placing file-systems like user home directories, ORACLE_HOME, admin/log/trc, APPL_TOP, etc on the NAS and placing heavily-accessed datafiles on direct-attach HDD or SAN
    > * Why not place low-demand file-systems on the lower-performance storage and
    > high-demand file-systems on higher-performance storage?

My $0.02...

on 9/25/03 11:59 AM, Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha at wrote:

> Fellow Listers,
> If you don't deal with Oracle databases on SAN/NAS
> environments, this posting may not interest you. If
> so, my apologies, please delete this. Otherwise,
> please read on.
> In an effort to better understand what issues you face
> when deploying an Oracle database in a SAN/NAS
> environment, I am writing to you to get some "real
> life" feedback. Although I have a fair idea, where
> some of the pain lies, it would be much more valuable
> if you could tell me. Kind of like "From the horse's
> mouth..."...;-) And I truly meant that as a
> compliment...:-)
> My goal is to fully understand where the "real pain"
> lies, so that appropriate solutions can be built to
> alleviate or even eliminate the pain. You can be as
> broad or narrow in your responses using the following
> topics as guidelines:
> * Initial SAN/NAS Configuration for Database Creation
> and Application Deployment
> * Ongoing Storage Volume Management in a SAN/NAS
> * Ongoing Storage Administration (Growth, Resizing)
> * Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting
> * Things that require automation
> * Anything else you think is important that I have
> missed
> I do really appreciate you taking the time to put your
> feedback in "black and white". Those of you who take
> the time and effort to provide feedback, will be
> entered in a raffle to for some T-shirts and other
> freebies. Oh, BTW, when you do send your response,
> please provide your full contact information, so that
> I know where to mail the goodies.
> In the interest of not "flooding the list", please
> send me your feedback directly to As
> a courtesy to my fellow listers, I will collate all
> responses and post a summary in the near future. You
> can count on me to do that.
> Best regards,
> Gaja
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