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Re: Storage Frust....

From: Mogens Nørgaard <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:29:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Sir Visser,

It would be my honour to enroll you in the BAARF party as party member # 43 if you like.

Also, if you enroll, I'll send you the whole file (33 K) which contains the story, the dialogues, and the song texts of the BAARF musical which we'll do at the Database Forum Gala Dinner on Friday night.

But only if you promise me to give me harsh critique in return!

And that goes for all you other members (or possible members) of the BAARF Party, too. Except, of course, the ones going to the Database Forum. They'll have to wait.


Piet de Visser wrote:

>After another run-in with Storage,
>need to Vent Some frustrations:
>BAARF !!!!
>Thank you.
>While I'm at it,
>let me add some other RAD ideas:
>Frustrated by vendors and manuals,
>we were about to turn BAARF into:
>battle against any Raw Filesystems
>(Yes, Yes, I know, a raw-dev is not a FS).
>But, not wanting to thread on other ppls turf, we thought
>for Compulsory use of a Clustered Computing Platform,
>whose mission should be to elimiate all usage of
>Mulitple, In-duh-vidual, ORACLE_BASE/HOMEs
>and to enforce the use of single-installed Oracle software
>on Clustered file systems.
>And to stay in the same retro-atmosphere, we looked at:
>for Usage of Single System Rollout:
>to proclaim the use of sinle-installed ORACLE_BASE/HOMEs,
>partly inspired by
>More ideas anyone ?
>Don't start me on:
>the RAC party : Ridiculous Acronym Creators
>followed by
>the RAW devices: Ridiculous Acronym Worshippers
>or just plain:
>FAD : Funny Acronym Department ?
>No harm, no offence intended anywhere
>(except for some storage ppl, maybe)
>Getting Late...
>Tomorrow is 10G lanch-Europe,
>and all these ideas will be legacy.

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