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Re: Apps 11.5.8 and 9i

From: Tanel Poder <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 11:09:40 -0800
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They are required for installation and running 11i successfully on windows. As someone mentioned here, if relinking is needed for example. Also some concurrent jobs interacting with OS might be using MKS. IIRC, you can't even pass prerequisite checking part in installation process if you're missing those.


  My question was not clear.

  I realize what MKS et al are, but what I really wanted to   know is this: Are these things *required* for the installation   of Apps 11.5.8 on Oracle 9i?


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  MKS makes Windows think it is Unix based. There is a free version ... similar to MKS but another name... that is supposed to be useable, but I have never used it. It lets you use all of the Unix commands, and lets cloning and patching work. Installation also has heartburn if there isn't something somewhere that lets it work unix like in the installation.

  C++ (NOT .net last I saw... it has compatiblity issues) for the relinking of the products and libraries. You might not need it for the install (although it gets real bent if it isn't there) but for adrelink, it is a must. BIG hint here... make the directory name as short as possible in the install (C:\CPP is what ours is). It keeps the path as short as possible, and there can be no spaces in the path, so don't let anything go into "Program Files"

  It is totally way easier if you are on a unix based platform... and the concurrent managers (job scheduling) really don't like being on Windows.

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  April, please enlighten us ignorant SAP folk.

  Why are C++ and MKS required?


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  Comes with a Database, Babette... you probably can't use the update... I   would say... $55.93 Oracle Applications 11i Release 9 CD Pack for MS   Windows.

  Do a single tier install and be prepared for one hour install to take   the biggest part of a day... A lot has changed since 10.7 all the way   around.

  Oh, and you will need mks toolkit and Visual C++ compiler (not .net   though) and java...

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  22 CDs huh? Any one know where to get free trial software for Apps?   Anyone want to burn me 22 CDs? Just kidding...

  I haven't work with Financials since 10.7 and feel like I am rapidly   losing my financials skills. I want to set this up at home. I figure I   would use it for my personal accounting (I know overkill) but I need   SOME reason to use it.

  It looks like I can order this from the Oracle store for a nominal   price, however, I need some help in figuring out what to order.

  Based on the URL:
  6>   , Here are the things I think I require:

                  Oracle 9i Database ( CD Pack for MS Windows 
  $0              (downloaded this software previously) 

  $55.93 Oracle Applications 11i Release 9 CD Pack for MS Windows

  $13.93 Oracle Applications 11i Release 9 Update CD Pack for MS windows

  And probably one of (but which one?):

  Does this look right or are there other components I will also need?   Thanks in Advance

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