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RE: Re[2]: Cary's book -- Out of stock !

From: Orr, Steve <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 08:14:20 -0800
Message-ID: <>

At 1:00PM Seattle time I complained loudly via their online "Contact Us" form and they got the shipment out before the end of the day and are waiving shipping costs. They tried but were unable to explain why it wasn't shipped out before more recent orders for the same item. They obviously have a bug in their shipping picklist tickler file algorithm. Must have something like "ORDER BY order_date DESC..." As all DBA's know, everything always comes down to bad SQL.

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You got it from the Amazon??? Below is what they replied to me, and I pre-ordered the book on July 13th. I solemnly swear not to order anything from Amazon again, so help me Codd. Of course, the book is available from B&N. What is more, Amazon has removed all references to their phone number from their web site, so in case of a problem, you cannot call them. Amazon really sucks! I liked them before because of quick and efficient one click ordering but this is too much. I didn't preorder the book in July to be put on hold by those lying ba***rds. Never again!

Subject:	Your Order (#102-6863504-6150527)
Date:	2003.09.22 22:10

Thanks for writing to us at

Our latest information indicates that "Optimizing Oracle Performance" has not yet been released and the expected release date is not known. As soon as a release date has been determined for this item, we will add that information to our web site.

While we are confident that copies will be made available, we cannot provide more precise information about the fulfillment of the order. In light of this uncertainty, we will understand if you would prefer to cancel your order. As of yet we have made no changes.

On 2003.09.22 22:44, Freeman Robert - IL wrote:
> I got my book... I got my book! From Amazon, delivered today!
> Woo Hoo.... looks good Cary!!
> RF

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