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RE: Migrating from ONAMES to OID

From: Jesse, Rich <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 07:24:42 -0800
Message-ID: <>

As far as the "non-standard" part, I had the same feeling when working with 9.0.1, but I think technically Oracle Corp is correct when they say OiD is "LDAP V3 compliant". The got is that the LDIFs are under a different RFC, and they are not directly transportable between OiD and another LDAP. Another problem is that OiD is very inflexible. From a rather weak pre-Wiki memory, under 9.0.1 you couldn't use OiD to authenticate SMTP for example, because the LDAP standard mail schema couldn't be created in OiD. I'm guessing that this particular example has been corrected by Oracle Corp since they allow IMS to authenticate against OiD, but my point is that I wasn't allowed to create the schema on my own to use OiD as *the* SSO repository for our company.

Well why the hell would anyone want to manage multple SSO repositories? *Multiple* Single SignOns? Anyone else see the irony here?

If I had the time or the extra hair to pull, I'd try OiD 9iR2 (10g???), but...


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> From: Lord David []
> Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 3:40 AM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
> Subject: RE: Migrating from ONAMES to OID
> We recently wanted to use OiD for sign-on to a new app. I
> asked Oracle
> about the licencing and they said it was *only* available as
> part of IAS,
> even when used as a replacement for ONAMES. I didn't
> entirely believe the
> answer, so I asked again, and got the same reply. Since the
> app does not
> need the rest of IAS, it was a non-starter.
> Also, OiD, like Active Directory, is very much non-standard
> LDAP. We went
> with OpenLDAP (free but flakey on windows) on unix and Sun
> directory server
> (a lot cheaper than IAS) on windows and large unix installations.
> --
> David Lord

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