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Re: Apps 11.5.8 and 9i

From: Tanel Poder <>
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 13:39:35 -0800
Message-ID: <>


> You're absolutely right. I had really meant to say that the 8.0.6
> stack finally goes away, but stated it poorly. Unfortunately, I was wrong
> even there, as the 8.0.6 software stack remains, as you've indicated. All
> can say is that I was in the db-tier environment when looking for it, not
> the app-tier as I should have been. Sloppy work and sloppy assumptions.
> Unskyld!


I think Oracle has hard time keeping even this years-old tech stack configuration up and running when releasing new version, thus we probably wont see any new Forms&Reports client libraries before 12i (or should is say 12g... (or e or x or whatever)).

> But the Jinitiator is still nowhere to be seen, at least the stuff I've
> played with (i.e. Conc Mgr forms, SYSADMIN stuff, etc). I've not seen any
> documentation to confirm this though...

But Jinitiator (basically Oracle modified version of Sun JVM) is completely client side thing, that for Windows you need to install it. Kind of strange, one of biggest benefits was supposed to be platform independence & ability to run on any JVM, but the reason is probably Mirosoft (again) unable or unwilling to write a standards-compatible JVM. On linux & solaris GUI seems to work with standard JVMs.

I don't have any 11.5.9s here, but you could check for following profile options under system administrator responsibility: APPLET_PLUGIN_URL
APPLET_PLUGIN_TYPE In my 11.5.7 they are set to oajinit.exe and application/x-oajinit-applet;version= respectively. This should state which java plugin to request. Also, under $OA_HTML there should be an oajinit.exe file.
If above options and file are there, then 11.5.9 is probably still using & requiring Jinitiator for Windows clients.

> 11.5.9 installs the db-tier in v9.2.0.3, but (not unexpectedly) the
> that is scraped out of the 22-CD set of installation CDs is not set up
> intelligently. For example, the locally-managed tablespaces have all been

Yeah, luckily I've mostly dealed with upgrade projects with platform change, thus had the option of creating database from scratch. But yep, if you have a spare weekend (and downtime), you could spend them moving tables around & rebuilding tablespaced.

> present, but it makes one wonder whether Oracle ever consulted a
> Apps DBA when burning its pre-installed databases onto the CDs. Still, 2
> steps forward, 1 step back...

I think, that was exactly what they did - they consulted with Apps DBA, who didn't know much more than how to patch Apps or restart concurrent manager.

> Anyway, thanks for the correction! You are indeed great to have on the
> list! I hope to see you in Toronto at IOUG, perhaps?

There sure are plans to come to Toronto, it depends whether any of my (very interesting :) abstracts get accepted there. This year I spoke about one topic on 11i, both the event & speaking experience were awesome. So, let's keep thumbs up & hopefully I see you as well next year :)


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