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RE: Reducing the number of databases

From: Guang Mei <>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 11:09:43 -0800
Message-ID: <>

MessageThanks for the suggestions. I already have planned to move all our instances to one server and move all schemas (in all instances) to sys schema. This way I can have better use of system tablespace and drop all other tablespaces. Also I will put in a cron job to "rm" all database files every morning to save some disk spaces.

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  Additional money might be saved by having only one database which would assume the role of QA, development and
  production. That would mean that developers test in production and their own QA. You can save a bundle on oracle
  licenses that way. In addition to that, if you switch to noarchivelog mode, you can save a small fortune on the backup   tapes. Smart thing to do in that situation would be to put your resume online before stuff hits the fan.

  Mladen Gogala
  Oracle DBA

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    Here we have 3 environments for most applications (dev, QA and prod) and all Oracle version are the same (8173 now). It works fine. And to save Oracle license costs, we also consolidated some db servers by putting multiple instances on one server machine. No problem so far.


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      I have seen more requirement for individual development databases (
where ind schema is not possible ) due to complexity of application . Developers step on each other if they work of same database . A pl/sql developer is invalidating procedure while a java developer is trying to make his program work.



        We have around 120 databases. Most applications have 5 environments
(dev, test, integrated test, acceptance, prod) some applications have more.
The applications are a mix of home developped and bought application
(peoplesoft, harvest, compass,...)

        New applications are coming in.
        New databases will appear soon with DB2UDB.

        All servers are unix/aix, there are 15 production server and around
10 servers for the dev, test, integrated test and  acceptance databases.
        All databases are at 8172 except 6-7 databases and planning to go to
9i in 2004. Off course we see the migration like a pain.
        We want to reduce the number of databases and instances.
        To obtain a significative gain I think we must reduced to around 60

        Anybody has done the task to consolidate on less servers and les databases ?

        One way to do it would be to go with
            2 instances of dev
            2 instances of test
            2 instances of integrated test
            2 instances of acceptance
            all prod instances are standalone.

        Food for thought
            Oracle version
            naming convention of objects

        All feedback is welcome.

        Stephane Paquette
        Administrateur de bases de donnees

        Database Administrator

        Standard Life

        Tel. (514) 499-7999 poste 7470 et (514) 925-7187

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