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Re: Anyone have a copy of DUL ??

From: Peter Gram <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 10:09:53 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Pete

I have used Dul many times at customer sites when I was employed by Oracle Denmark.

Every time the customer management had to verify by phone and fax that they understood
the full impact of using Dul.  

Oracle have disclaimer that explains the problems with missing transaction consistency of the
data saved by Dul and the security issues.

The customer has to sign and fax the disclaimer back to Oracle before we came on site .-)

After I left Oracle several people ask me if would write a Dul and I declined.

I'm of the opinion that Dul should stay behind the Oracle firewall.


Pete Finnigan wrote:

>Hi Mark
>I agree with you Mark, even if its supplied by Oracle technicians - it
>is as you say possible to by-pass security completely. Does anyone in
>Oracle check that the field support personnel dispatched to a site ( in
>urgency ) are dumping data for the owner of it? -
>I covered the issue of DUL with regards to security is the SANS Oracle
>security step-by-step book - action 6.5.1
>kind regards
>In article <>, Mark Leith
><> writes
>>One problem I see with giving this away "free" is that you will be supplying
>>a tool that allows you to extract data from the database, bypassing all
>>inbuilt security. A BIG "no no". I suppose that also applies to this kind of
>>tool even under a paid license structure.

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