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Re: spurious threads

From: Tanel Poder <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 06:19:48 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Well, have you tried it?

In my understanding orakill is actually an OS thread killer written by Oracle, it just searches the appropriate oracle.exe based on SID and kills the thread with OS thread id in it. It does not log on to Oracle to check whether Oracle knows anything about this thread or not, it just simply kills the thread with id you provide and that's it.


  We know the thread id from running pslist from Orakill will not kill it probably since doesn't think it really exists.

>>> 9/18/03 9:49:41 AM >>>


  Orakill is able to kill threads based on thread id. But since you can't find out the "runaway" thread id-s from v$process, you could find all thread id-s in oracle.exe, minus those spids which exist in v$process and kill those. But I definitely recommend to turn to support first, because killing threads that way isn't a nice thing to do in production system and might be good enough only for temporary workaround, not for continous usage.


    We have had an ongoing problem for nearly 1.5 years now starting with If we patch the Oracle Apps 11i, a majority of the time, the oracle.exe process gets a runaway thread. A thread exists in the oracle.exe but not in v$process/v$session. Shutting down the database does not resolve the problem. Only stopping the service will resolve it.

    Two weeks ago implemented FND G/HRMS F in dev/test with production scheduled for this weekend. Since then have noticed high thread counts. Dev has topped out at 1000+, test is currently at 809 with only 50 v$process entries!!!!


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