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RE: Dataguard Benchmark

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 12:39:47 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Just to add to Mladen's comments. I would wish to know  

  1. How long is fail over time in reality.
  2. What is the impact on online operations. Of the db and of anything else that happens to use the same 'backup' link.

You'll note I don't give a damn about bandwidth, I do care what impact DR has on the online system. I think this is intelligent :(  


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We are doing a Data guard Benchmark.  


WAN Simulator :-

We have a WAN Simulator with 2 routers at either ends of it.

Thruputs from 0 to 2 MBPS can be manually set as is required by the run.  

Application = Banking :-

Transactions mainly OLTP in nature (Both DML & SELECTS) .

We can do CPU intensive batch Transactions too if advised by you folks  

Machines = 2 machines of 4 CPUs each

Memory = 8 GB on each machine

O.S. = Solaris 9

Oracle = 9.2

Sniffer network tool ( to get volume of bytes transferred over the WAN )

Dataguard Setup will transfer Data thru the listener services :-

i.e. init.ora - LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 =

Execution methodology:-  

Run Same Transaction's Volume in BOTH Logical & Physical (Maximum Protection , Maximum Availability , Maximum performance ) standby modes    

Qs What readings to be particularly monitored & measured?

Qs What thruput bandwidths should be benchmarked?

Qs Does total Size of Existent Database-in-use matter to the Benchmark?

Current Database Size = 3 GB

Qs Does RMAN setup add any value to the Dataguard benchmark in some way?

Else we will do Without RMAN, manually altering the various modes

Qs Any Sample Docs, Links on existing Dataguard Benchmarks?

Qs Any else that will enable us to bring out a paper of reasonable standard?  


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