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RE: Re: "Application DBA"

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 12:39:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Noons writes
> For an "application DBA"? Exactly which part of the degree
> or OCP prepares or qualifies one for such a job
> specification? Matter of fact, where is "application DBA"
> defined in Oracle education or any other IT education
> organization? Which courses from Oracle prepare one for
> that? While we're there, I wish someone explained
> the same for "database architect". Or "architect", for that matter.

Stand back in horror whilst I broadly agree with you again nuno. I do have some comments tho.

Degree/OCP achievement doesn't teach f all - in my opinion - though it does prove your memory isn't shot. On the other hand if you have the nous then going through the education process will teach you a hell of a lot. The reason, for example, that I personally prefer graduates to non-graduates *experience equal* is that generally graduates are better thinkers and problem solvers. Comp.sci over history is a meaningless distinction in my book though. I'll also prefer Oxford to the University of the South Bank.... From a personal point of view I've done stuff on the OCP courses that I have never touched in real life - the education is worth it, the certificate probably not. Of course as far as recruiters are concerned ensuring your CV includes the words 'I don't have an OCP because...' followed by a decent explanation will generally get you through all the filters that say OCP required/preferred. Ain't software great.

On "architects", and at least in the UK, those who advertise themselves as such in the IT field are breaking the law

This is either a Good Thing (tm) or a Bad Thing (tm)

<cough> designer <cough>


Off to add application DBA and database architect to his CV...

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