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Re: Oracle Masters exam

From: Rodd Holman <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:54:46 -0800
Message-ID: <>

In addition, some non-tech HR wag does their screening of applicants based on OCP, Oracle Master's, or some such certification. Yes, certification is an issue whether or not it has technical merit. When it comes at a price that many of us can't personnaly afford, it's a very BIG issue. I don't know if Rachel, Carey, and the rest of the "Real Masters" have their piece of paper from Oracle, but can you imagine them being screened out from a position because someone who is not in the community and doesn't know their rep's round files thier resume/CV because it's missing the appropriate letters after their name? Attrocious!

I'm all for Oracle making money, just not at the expense of their proponents. As Mladen states PostgreSQL is starting to look pretty good. MySQL is also gaining headway.

Rodd Holman

On Thursday 04 September 2003 11:54, Mladen Gogala wrote:

> My complaint is not based on moral grounds. My complaint is that Oracle's
> greed is interfering
> with my own. There is drastic difference in the behavior of Oracle Corp.
> from the times before
> Oracle 8.0 and after. Support has worsened, the quality of the code is
> falling, bugs are more
> and more numerous and serious, vaporware is a commonplace (OEM Change
> Management pack, OID)
> and there are new and new certifications to make to stay in less and less
> lucrative business.
> You're right, I have decisions to make: to stay in oracle DBA business or
> to move on. I believe
> that less and less opportunity to make money in that market is going to
> force me to move out.
> As for application development business, we've just seen what happens when
> somebody's
> successful: an out of control giant takes him down, or at least tries to
> so. I'm not
> proposing socialism, as a citizen of a former communist country I'm more
> disgusted with
> the communism then you'll ever be, what I will do is to move on to the
> market which doesn't
> have a greedy giant which wants a cut in everything I make. It's as simple
> as that.
> Oracle started to behave as if it was a monopoly. Guess what, monopolies
> are the
> reason which compelled me to switch to Linux. I can do it again. My message
> is
> that Oracle is no longer friendly to the techies that were spreading the
> good word,
> and, as far as I'm concerned, the techies are looking for exit. Good luck
> to you
> and Larry.
> --
> Mladen Gogala
> Oracle DBA
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> Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 11:36 AM
> To: 'Mladen Gogala '; 'Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L '
> With respect to all of you out there... I hear so many complaints about
> greedy Oracle, and about having to take a class to get certified and the
> dollar cost of that. I remind you folks that Oracle is a for profit
> venture. It's not Oracle's responsibility to make anything affordable. It's
> the responsibility of Oracle to generate revenue, it is the expectation of
> Oracle shareholders (of which I am one) that Oracle will do such a thing. I
> don't care if Larry is the 6th richest guy in the universe, so what? Why
> does that compel him to give you anything?
> It's all pure market driven. If people stop signing up for classes or OCP
> exams, Oracle will in quick fashion figure out why and change things. If
> people keep signing up for classes and taking the OCP, then viola, they
> have hit the sweet spot and will generate some revenue too.
> Socialism doesn't work folks, let's face it. If the OCP Masters credentials
> are worth the money, then spend it. If they are not, don't spend it. If
> enough people don't spend the money, then something will happen. Thats how
> a market driven economy works.
> RF
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