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Re: Urgent INFO needed.

From: Joe Testa <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 08:59:38 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Fact of the matter is the majority of the time its true, like it or not. Those of you who know me, know I DON'T do politically correct, I call a spade a spade.

Its true at the officer level in a company(and I'm there in the company I'm in now), its all about dollars and cents, especially today. Thats why you see it as much as you do.

My example: I worked for an online training company, they were paying me $25/hr to do online tutoring or web based oracle DBA classes., I was with them from the beginning just like alot of other tutors from around th world. We were told in early/mid 2002, we've decided to outsource all tutoring to India, so if you're interested in teaching your replacements, we'll keep you on board for a little extra time. The end was near and someone had asked me how long I'd been doing it, how long I was a DBA and how long did I plan on doing it, i gave them the truthful answer, about 4 yrs, 10 years as a DBA and not much longer since it was all being outsourced to India, got my a$$ fired from the job before my time was up. Basically the concept was: "we can go to India and pay $2.50, 10% of what we pay you and we really dont care about the quality because they will pick up their English language from previous answers you and others have submitted to students throughout the years.".

You tell me I shouldn't have an attitude, you're as full of garbage as them.


PS: for those who want to know the company, email me direct, i'll be glad to share.

Maria Aurora de la Vega wrote:

> Its quite unfair for DBAs to blame their job loss/fear of job loss to
> DBAs in India or some other countries with cheaper labor.
> And to say that "you get what you pay for" or insinuating that cheaper
> labor means less definitely out of line...
> some people are just better than others...that's has nothing
> to do with geography or nationality...
> some of the best DBAs...or IT professionals in general...are in fact
> indians...
> Point is its not the indians' fault jobs just come knocking at their
> doors...
> we all want better jobs and better pay...if it comes to me i'll grab
> it no doubt... would I think about other DBAs who were taken off to
> accomodate me? of course not. I have nothing to do with their decision
> to outsource...and even if I stress myself worrying about it...can I
> do anything about it?, what do I do...I'd take advantage of
> course...
> I've come to believe no one is indispensable...even if you've served
> 5, 10, 15 years in a company...there's always a reason to take you out
> no matter how good you are...
> And sometimes companies I really need someone that good and
> costs a lot more? or can we do with someone quite average but can get
> the job done and costs a lot less?
> Tony Johnson wrote:
>> All I know about it is that for every new job in India one more DBA
>> is out of work here in the United States.
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>> *From:* Ora DBA []
>> *Sent:* Wednesday, September 03, 2003 5:30 AM
>> *To:* Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
>> *Subject:* Urgent INFO needed.
>> Dear Friends,
>> One of my friends has got the offer from CSC india ltd. Please
>> respond this mail if any one from CSC india ltd? just to know
>> some info , thats it.
>> Any info regarding this is appreciated. Please give me your mail
>> id and contacts..
>> Thanks a lot.
>> Regards
>> Oracle DBA
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