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RE: Re: "Application DBA"

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Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 14:59:27 -0800
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Back in India, the academic qualification is weighed more than anything else. Guys from institutes like Indian Institute of Technology IITs / Indian Institue Management (IIT/IM) (to quote an example) are treated as demi-godes and look at with awe (even if the guy doesn't know anything about Oracle). For that matter i have worked with both the category. Currently i have few such people working with me and the guys are average except one.

The problem with these guys is not lack of potential, but they do not apply themselves in their chosen profession. One cannot sit back on past laurels (Surprisingly Indian market looks only at that). In this profession, things keep changing every day and one has to keep himself/herself. So what if someone is qualified. I have come across some DBAs who are just graduates but who can take on the best. Period. I for that matter was not getting calls for interviews till i forced myself to clear OCP. Indian market atleast expects some of the following: Academic qual / Certification / H1B (not necessarily in that order). If you have H1B or you are already in US they care a damn for your qualification. Because they can market you and can get some commission.

I have seen situations where a graduate with 10-12 yrs exp (like the guys i quoted above who have solid exp. in Application/DBA/Languages) simply bypassed and some other joker with no relevant exp but is from IIT/IIM chosen for the post of Tech.Lead. Strange but true.


> scribbled on the wall in glitter crayon:
>> more and more employers are requiring OCPs and 'related degrees' such
>> as computer science or a masters degree. At least in the US they are.
>> How are things in other parts of the world?
> that they are and experience doesn't seem to count either. i was refused
> interviews for a number of jobs because i have neither a degree or an OCP.
> and while interviewed for others, they hired someone with a degree [in one
> case a degree in history] and no experience. i even had one place come
> back
> to me a couple of months after not hiring me, asking if i would work for
> them as a contractor to clean up the mess the person they did hire made.
> i
> had just taken this contract at the time so i graciously refused.;-)

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