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Re: Oracle Standby Database Backups.

From: Arup Nanda <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 11:04:46 -0800
Message-ID: <>


You should perform backups from the Standby database, regular RMAN backups, no need to shutdown the database. Make sure you backup the archived log files from there too. Contrary to what the docs might _imply_, I use the word "imply" rather than "state", since the docs have been kind of ambiguous, the archivedlog backups from the standby are perfectly alright to be used for recoveries..

You could use the RMAN backup on the primary, but why? You would rather want to offload the CPU cycles for RMAN to the standby database. In case of a failure in the primary, your first option is to get the files from standby and recover them. If standby is down too (as in case of a complete disaster), you would reinstate the standby backup files to primary and you will be ok.

We are using it to backup out 7 TB OLTP database.

HTH. Arup


  We are in the beginning stages of designing a database with Oracle Standby capability. The initial size of the database will be 600-800 Gig. The proposed database will be run on a IBM P690 with a mirrored fail-over machine. Two separate machines with separate disk. We are considering using Oracle Standby to have the database available as much as possible.

  Do I need to perform regular backups of the Standby database? Sounds like a silly question, but how do I do this? Using Rman? Or do I shut it down and perform a cold backup? I will definitely use Rman on the primary database. Just curious what you all would suggest.

  Thanks in advance!
  Tom Mercadante
  Oracle Certified Professional


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