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questions - kernel parameters - Red Hat 2.1 Advanced Server

From: Doug <>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 13:29:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi -
I just finshed an install on Linux 2.1 Advanced server using the installation document of Oracle 9.2 for Linux/Intel avialable on technet.

I ended up doing this for the kernel paramters echo 250 3200 100 128 > sem
echo 2147483648 > shmax
echo 65536 > /proc/sys/fs/file-max
echo 1024 65000 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range ulimit -u 16384
skipped SHMMNI because it was already 4096

Starting on page 2.19 of the doc - it indicates how to do SEMMSL ,SMMNS, SMEOPM, SEMMNI as above with "sem". in the /proc/sys/kernel virtual filesystem.

Then it says you can do the shared memory pamater as in the "shmax' example.

After that it says to set the process limit by using ulimit -u.

And now.. to the questions

Then it has a list of the minimum values of parameters required to run 9i with a single datbase instance on Linux. My first problem is, I don't understand how to set 3 of these. They don't exist in the /proc/sys/kernel filesystem.

SEMMNI ( taken care of above).. 
SEMMNS (taken care of above).
SEMOPM (taken care of above)
SEMMSL (taken care of above)
SHMMAX (taken care of above)

SHMMIN shoudl be 1 (hot to set this?) - I have no shmmin in /proc/sys/kernel SHMMNI should be 100 was already 4096 so skipped it SHMSEG should be 4096 (how to set this?) - I also have no shmseg in

SHMVMX should be 32767 (how to set this?) - and I have no shmvmx in

So there are those 3 questions - and then the following -

"Write a script to initialize these values during system startup, and include the script in your system init files"..

Now - I guess the script looks similar to the lines I pasted at the top of the email - but where does it go?

This may be a bit of a Linux newbie question but aren't there various run levels so wouldn't where I place the initilization stuff matter how the box is configured? Do I just make a little bash script? What is preferred and where should it go?

Lastly - do any of these require a recompile of the kernel or not? Can they all be set safely on boot?

Appreciate any help,
Doug C.   

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Author: Doug

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