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Oracle 10G is real

From: Hemant K Chitale <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 07:49:22 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Here's a note I compiled for my colleagues : {in fact there are a large number of 10G presentations, I've just listed a few here

Oracle will be formally launching 10G at the OracleWorld conference 07-11 September 2003.
[The "G" stands for "Grid Computing", not "next Geneartion" or "Global"].

Some of the interesting Oracle 10G sessions at OracleWorld, SFO, September 03

Oracle Database 10G: A Revolution in Database Technology

Oracle Database 10G is a revolutionary database technology that lets you deliver mission-critical, reliable, secure, and scalable service at the lowest cost. This presentation explains how Oracle Database 10G lets you leverage low-cost, modular storage and server hardware to build the data center of the future: the enterprise grid. It describes new advances in Oracle Database 10G to make the database more highly available than ever. It then describes how Oracle Database 10G drastically cuts the cost of management via new self-managing capabilities and the ability of a single DBA to manage across numerous databases in an enterprise grid.

Oracle RAC 10G : The Fourth Generation
First-generation companies succeeded by using technology and intelligence for tracking customer loyalty. Second-generation companies succeeded by increasing sales through e-commerce. Third-generation companies succeeded by consolidating, reducing costs, and improving processes. Fourth-generation companies will use computer grids and succeed by being adaptive, proactive, and agile. In this session, learn how new Oracle Database 10G RAC features can help you skip a few generations.

Oracle Database 10G - RMAN and ATA Storage in Action With the feature enhancements in the new version of RMAN, backup to and recovery from disk using low cost, high capacity ATA storage provides significant benefits to Oracle customers.This presentation describes the many advantages of being able to complement tape backup with technology that provides the ability to have more Oracle data on-line.The session will talk to the feature enhancements in the new RMAN offering as well as the service level benefits and best practices for ATA storage use in Oracle Database 10G RMAN environments.

Oracle Database 10G Performance Overview: Scaling to the Grid

This session describes the performance and scalability enhancements in Oracle Database 10G. Features covered include new data structures, faster versions of the PL/SQL code generator and optimizer, InfiniBand support, and improvements to partitioning and materialized views. For Windows users, the session addresses support for Fibers and 64-bit Windows 2003 (first announced with Oracle9i Database Release 2 in April 2003). The session also covers performance features enabling migration to Enterprise Grid Computing and concludes with an introduction to the new self-tuning features of Oracle Database 10G.

Oracle Database 10G: The Self-Managing Database

Enterprise databases continue to grow in size and number, resulting in increased systems management complexity. Oracle Database 10G introduces a sophisticated self-managing database that automatically monitors, adapts, and fixes itself. This presentation provides a technical overview of these self-managing solutions that allow DBAs to become more productive, help their organizations reduce management costs, and scale to manage the Enterprise Computing Grid.

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